Sermons by Rev. Scott McRoberts

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Safety warning: Rejoice! (Philippians 3)

How do you respond to safety warnings? I’m the kind of guy who, before the plane takes off, I’ll listen to the recorded safety briefing, and really show the stewards I’m listening, whilst everyone around me is looking at their phones. When I’m on the rollercoaster at Landmark with the kids, I will absolutely keep my hands inside the vehicle at all times.
Safety announcements are intended of course for our welfare. It’s for our best that we get these warnings to heed. And most of the time, they are negative things – things we need to not do to make sure it doesn’t all go wrong.

With or without God? (Exodus 33 – Part 1)

You love God… right? Well, let me run a few scenarios past you. Let’s imagine that God said to us, ‘I’m going to give you a healthy life, a comfortable living, a few amazing life experiences on the way, and a great network of family and friends – but I’m not going to be with you.’ How would you feel about that? Honestly?
That’s pretty much what most people want in life, and they’d be happy to take that. But what about us, God’s people? Are we happy with that idea? Is it actually how we live, if we’re honest?