Sermons from April 2016

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Turning things right way up ( Luke 6: 17-26 )

Many of us are here because we’re drawn in by this person, Jesus. He’s compelling. He’s extraordinarily different to anything or anyone else. He’s powerful and transforming of people’s lives – not just here in the narratives of the Bible, but we’re still experiencing that today. He’s uniquely wise and real and enduring in His teaching about God, life, and what matters. He says things and does things that draw people around Him in their hundreds in the gospels, and in their millions across the world today. The same things also repel plenty of others in their droves. He’s divisive, He’s visionary, He’s influential like nobody else in the world ever was or will be – and He draws us in alongside Him.

Picking a team (Luke 6:12-19)

So what do we learn from Luke 6:12-19 about this team Jesus picked, and the way that He picked them? Well, the first thing is this: everything I’ve just said about the mission they were being set apart for, they discovered along the way. We don’t read of Jesus telling these guys what their mission is in advance. They didn’t get a job description or a brief about what to expect. They just knew that Jesus had called them out as a team and that He was sending them to do something for Him. Little did they know at this point what it was, and little did they expect how world-changing it would be.