Sermons from February 2016

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Bold I approach (Luke 5:12-26)


Imagine you’re a leper. What would your biggest need be then? Leprosy refers to a physical illness that still persists in the world today. The disease that we read about here in Luke 5:12-26 might be one of a number of serious and usually contagious skin conditions that existed in that part of the world in that time. So there was a physical need for healing, to experience wholeness of human life. But the term ‘leper’ is familiar to us today in a non-physical way, that is just as appropriate for the man approaching Jesus in a fishing town in Galilee. We talk about being a ‘social leper’ – when people don’t want to see you or know you for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s because of something you’ve done. Or something you are. Or something you aren’t.