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Running on empty

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Running on Empty Read Psalm 61 This one’s a prayer that comes from running on empty.  You know when you’ve got nothing left, and there’s so little strength that you can’t even muster a prayer?  David says to God, ‘I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than […]

God’s Servants in Authority

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Read Romans 13:1-7 This week, the nation chooses its government in the Scottish Parliament.  Much is made of ’the will of the people of Scotland.’  And it is good that we, as much as anyone, have an input into that will with our votes this week. But as God’s people, there’s a unique perspective for […]

Thank you, sorry and please

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Read Matthew 6:9-15 My brother-in-law Sam, a minister in Armagh, says that ’Thank you, sorry and please’ are gospel words.  Christians should be good at saying all of them – not only in prayer, but in our everyday interactions – and it’s often challenging to think about how little we do say them. When was […]