tracyOver the next few weeks a number of people are being baptised and/or becoming members of the church.  In this interview we catch up with Tracy Mackintosh to find out why she’s decided to take the plunge and be baptised!

Tracy, you’ve recently decided to be baptised, what’s brought about that decision?  I’ve been thinking about it for a while now – it was something that kept coming to mind and seemed like the right direction to go in, so when it was announced that there would be baptism & membership classes happening at church I was really keen to go so I could find out more about what was involved and that helped me make up my mind that the time was right.

So the classes were helpful?  Yes, very helpful.  I suppose I still question whether I’m really ready, I get mixed emotions of feeling scared and excited but I suppose it’s a bit like a marriage and the baptism is the wedding day!  I don’t know everything yet and there’s still lots to learn but I’ve discovered and experienced enough of God to know that I want him in my life and the baptism is a way of showing that commitment.

At what point then did you start discovering that God was real in your life?  It’s hard to pin-point exactly and there’s been lots of different pointers along the way. Although church wasn’t part of my life as a child, I would say our family was raised on Christian values.  When I look back at some really difficult situations in my life, I can see where God was guiding and directing me but I don’t think I really recognised it as him at the time.  It’s been since the last couple of years when I started coming to church here that things started to make more sense.  I did a Christianity Explored course and that, along with chatting things through with people from church helped me to understand more about Jesus dying for me and how I could have a relationship with God.

A “relationship” with God might sound strange to some people – what does that relationship actually look like for you day to day?  It’s just that sense of him being with me all the time.  I feel calmer, more able to cope with the trials of life.  No matter how big or small a problem I have to deal with, I know I have God there to speak to.  I’m seeing and hearing more of him in my life, even in the smallest every day things.  I’m also not like how I used to be and he really helps me respond and deal with things differently now.  I also like to get into the nitty gritty of things and have lots of questions, but that’s what’s good about our church, everyone’s so friendly and normal so it’s really easy to ask questions and chat about things.  Things that I hear and see tend to jump out at me now and help me see what God’s doing in my life – things that I would never have noticed before.

You’ve decided to be baptised by whole immersion; that’s going completely under in the water – why so?  I just think there’s something really special and symbolic about that.  It’s that whole picture of the old you going down into the water and the new person that God’s created in you coming up and that’s what I want to show has happened to me.



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