In the end, it’s not the end


It was a lovely bright morning today.  But what a contrast to the sense of darkness that the world is in right now.
Today’s devotion largely comes from my kids, from our bedtime Bible time last night.
Read Luke 23:26-46
We read this from the children’s version of Luke’s Gospel ‘Diary of a Disciple’ (great book for families to read through together).
There’s a realness, an appreciation of things truly being dark.  The passage starts with Jesus talking about things getting worse.  And it finishes with darkness actually falling on the land as Jesus goes through the greatest suffering ever borne.
Scott: ‘It feels like a really sad and dark part of the story, doesn’t it?  And that’s like how it feels like a sad and dark time in our world.’
Daniel: ‘Yeah but Dad, I don’t know why, but in my body it won’t let me be sad about it, because I know the next bit of the story.’
Scott: ‘That’s really good Dan.’
Daniel: ‘It would be maybe feel different if I was reading the Bible for the first time and I didn’t know the next bit was so happy.’
Scott: ‘Because in the end, it doesn’t stay like this.’
Anna: ‘Because in the end, it’s not the end.’
Sure, it’s darker now than the world outside looks.  But we are people who live by a story.  A story that makes my children physically incapable of despair.  A story that says in the end, it’s not the end.  A story that is true, that we know and need, and that many around us do need to read or hear for the first time.
Father God, these days are dark.  Thank you that the end of the true story we live in is light everlasting.  As people struggle today with loneliness, isolation, fears about childcare and work, abuse in their work, mental health struggles and concerns for loved ones, may you help us cling to the future we have in you breaking in to our present and changing how it looks.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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