Today’s devotion comes from Sheena.

Read 1 Kings 3:5-14 and 1 Timothy 2:1-3

I was driving into work when my kids got a fright. I started shouting at the radio!  A politician had done something questionable again. Political issues are difficult  to explain to a 3 and 7 year old and I started to think about why I was so frustrated.

I won’t write about actual political opinion because we all have our own. With coronavirus we have never examined our government and world leaders so closely and will continue to do so – both future decisions and considering the outcome of decisions made in the past.

 We can all think of  politicians and leaders in our place or work, school or council who we disagree with. If only we had their job we would be so much better at it and nobody would fault us right?  

It’s easy to knock down people in position (but if you feel what they are doing is morally wrong you should say!)  But if you know a leader who is doing well,  tell them, pray for them. It’s so easy, but try not to get pulled into gossip if it’s going to undermine them when actually there hasn’t been a significant issue.

God appoints our leaders and we are to pray for them.  As a church our children wrote prayers for our Scottish Government and sent them at Easter.  As adults we should be doing something similar.  

God has used leaders who disobeyed Him like Samson and Saul, who fought battles for God’s people but their lives were mired in one slip up  after another.  

He used men who did listen and did better – Moses, Joshua, David and Solomon. They were great leaders but also, being human were flawed.  King David was an adulterer and facilitated the death of his mistress’s husband.  I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon or Boris Johnston could get away with that!

King Solomon was wise enough to ask God for wisdom!  Above all else, that’s what he needed as a leader.  God was good to him – b
y praying for wisdom he got much more than he bargained for as God gave him not only wisdom, but many of the other things he could have asked for too.

Dear God,  I pray that our world leaders, politicians and those in authority in Inverness-shire and our places of work develop faith in you. Please whisper to them and guide them in their decision making. You have appointed them, please help us to strengthen them.  If we are in places of position, however small, please open our hearts and still us to listen to your will.


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