Today’s devotion is from Marion.
Read Psalm 51:1-12

On Sunday 7th June, Scott urged us to think about spending quiet focused time seeking the presence of God, and listening for what He may say to us.

Let’s think about how to do that:

It is essential to approach wholeheartedly – if you are not whole hearted, you will be disappointed.
Choose a time and place that will allow you to be uninterrupted by:

• Other people
• Other commitments
• Phone calls – switch phone to silent, or leave it somewhere out of your sight/hearing.
• No need for calming music – the sound of silence is good.
• It may help to close eyes – as long as you don’t dose off!
• It is helpful to be comfortable, warm, all natural needs attended to.
• Have your Bible to hand.
• Ask the Spirit of God to help you – ask out loud, not in your thoughts.
• Pray out loud – there is an important difference with the spoken word rather than silently thinking the words. It doesn’t matter whether your words are eloquent or as a child.
• If you can’t think of what to say how about reading a psalm –again it should be read out loud.  You could use the psalm we have read today.

After you have prayed, remain quiet and let the Spirit of God speak deeply within your soul. You may have disturbing, uncomfortable thoughts. Ask God to help you to meditate, be slow, and patient.

If you don’t immediately have a sense of awareness of God, don’t give up, God tells us in His word: You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29 v 13

It may also be necessary to go through this sort of routine over the course of a number of days, or perhaps a few times per week, but it is important to persevere and not give up.

The foregoing is mainly intended to encourage those who currently find it difficult to enjoy a regular quiet time with God, and it is important to note that no matter what the reason or cause of that,  God is waiting with open arms to welcome you into His nearer presence. It may also be helpful for those who do currently engage in regular quiet time, to think of changing what has perhaps become a less profitable time than at first.

Father, help me to listen as well as to talk.  Let me learn how to devote myself to prayer, and expect to meet with you there.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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