Dear church family,

Read Isaiah 42:14-17 and 43:16-21
Something is coming.  Something big will happen.  This week, a couple of you have been in touch with me, reminding me that I and other church leaders were saying this last year.  It’s not been lost on me, and the thought has crossed my mind not a few times as the world has gone through great upheaval with Coronavirus.
I would never have predicted in a million years that this would be part of how God would move in power to do His ‘new thing.’  But the Coronavirus pandemic in itself is not the ‘big thing that’s coming.’  It’s what could follow that – nations changed, people numb to God suddenly alive to Him, captives set free, new life springing up from this earthquake – that’s the big thing we glimpse on the horizon and pray for together.
In Isaiah 42 and 43, God says, ‘Watch… notice, perceive what’s going on… I’m doing a new thing now.  Watch and see what’s happening.’  In Isaiah 42, the language is of drying up and laying waste, to bring light and direction to the blind.  In Isaiah 43, it reverses – the language is of making streams in the wasteland to refresh those who belong to God.  God says, the silence is over (42:14).  Like a woman in childbirth, the contractions of Kingdom breakthrough are coming closer, a new wave of life and faith about to be born.  God says, forget the former things (43:18).  What’s been has gone, and what will emerge in the new is different and fresh and life giving.
Keep watching – God is up to something!  And there’s life to spring up in the well watered, God-soaked ground, fertile for faith to take root.
Come, Lord Jesus!
Lord, we’re watching.  Watching for the new thing you are doing.  Praying that the Coronavirus pandemic will be a catalyst to some great work of yours in this world.  Praying for life to spring up – for what has been dry and dusty and dead to be broken up, well watered and full of life and fruit for your Kingdom.  Come, Lord Jesus, and make all things new here.  Redeem this city and lochside.  Redeem the people.  Redeem the land.  Make them alive, make them yours.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Today’s pictures are from Archie and Eilah, and Jonathan and Micah.
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