Dear church family,

Today’s devotion comes from Jonathan Golder.
Read Job 38:1-11, 22-38
If you have more time, read Job 38-42:6.

If you want to understand the power that God has over the earth, you will get an insight into it by reading the conversation between God and Job. 

Some of us will be finding ourselves with more time than we know what to do with. I would encourage you to maybe spend an hour of it watching a talk by a preacher called Louis Giglio. Some of you may have already seen it. I’d encourage you to watch it again. He is a preacher who is passionate about astronomy and this video is called ‘Indescribable’.  If you are curious to know what the Pleiades look like, you will get a glimpse in this video. I don’t know how you will respond, but I found myself left in awe at who we worship. 

Think about this. 

• We are small.
• The universe isn’t oversized, it’s the perfect size to show off God’s majesty and splendour.
• We need to understand that HE is HUGE.

So where am I going with this?

We worship him because when we begin to understand how big our God is, we begin to understand how much we need to depend on him. What we are facing right now feels huge. Our God is bigger. The fear that we might have right now feels overwhelming. Our God is bigger. The mountain in front of us seems insurmountable. Our God is bigger. We worship him because he is mighty and has the power to deliver us from what we are experiencing just now. 

As we love to sing at St Columba’s – Our God is a GREAT, BIG, GOD.

Our Great Redeemer, Glorious Saviour

Your name is higher than the rising sun

Light of the morning. You shine forever.

Your name is higher than the rising sun. 

Today’s pictures come from Roddy and May, and from Aimee.
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