This devotion comes from Ken.
Priority living  – Part 2
Read Psalm 23
In Part 1, I referred to the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Perhaps you have had a chance to look it up or revise some of the content. The document contains questions and answers to many important aspects about our faith and how it might be translated in to our Christian walk.
Our Church, St Columba’s, has the strap line ‘People discovering that life with Jesus is infinitely fuller’. This is based on a verse from the Bible where Jesus says ‘I have come that they might have life and have it to the full’ John Ch10 v10. 
Nowadays, there are many Psychologists and Life Coaches who advocate what we might call secular advice about living full and wholesome lives. Some of this is good, sensible counsel and other parts rather hedonistic – seeking pleasure and avoiding suffering. 
I want to list 10 ways in practical living that may help us to experience a fuller life with Jesus – beyond the psychology! You may well be able to add more.
1. Relating. Relationships are fundamentally crucial to life. The most important one is vertically with God, but horizontal relationships with fellow travellers are pivotal. 
    Make good relationships, protect and nurture them. Luke 10 v27
2. Direction. Try to discern your God ordained goals and make resolutions to stick to them. Psalm 32 v8
3. Appreciation. Notice the world around you and give thanks for the many lovely aspects of creation and blessings. 1 Thessalonians 5 v 18
4. Emotion. Take a positive approach – not ignoring the sad times, but rejoice in happiness and beyond to true joy. Ecclesiastes 3 v4  
5. Resilience. Find ways to recover and learn from defeats. Avoid falling repeatedly into the same traps of the enemy. James 1 v12
6. Giving and serving. Do things for others. May be use some spare time for volunteering – beyond paid employment. Mark 10 v45
7. Exercising and eating. Take care of your body – exercise (as able) and dietary discipline are important.1 Corinthians 6 v19-20
8. Try things out. Keep learning new things or activities. Philippians 4 v13
9. Acceptance. Be aware that despite your flaws and repeated mistakes you are a child of God and forgiven. Ephesians 1 v7 
10. Meaning. With all the above, keep discovering that life with Jesus is infinitely fuller now as we journey home to be with Him forever. John 3 v16
I suggest that you quietly read the 23rd Psalm – perhaps audibly to yourself and see that it brings comfort, hope and reassurance. In the fullness of life with Jesus we can face anything that comes – the good, bad or indifferent.  
Heavenly father we do want to live the ‘fuller life’ with you Jesus. We thank you that you are the God of time – from the moment to eternity and you care about the detail of our lives.  So we ask you to help us as we arrange our priorities – we want to live effectively and fully for you. Amen  
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