Read Romans 1:16-17
You’re either hiding the gospel, or showing the gospel.  Which are you?  Which do you lean towards?  When you’re ashamed of something, you keep it hidden, hope not to draw attention to it, and hope other people don’t bring it up with you.  When you’re not ashamed of something, you have it out in the open.  Actually, if you’re proud of something, you deliberately put it there, and you do draw attention to it – ‘Have you seen what my child has made?…  Look at this story about what my parents did!…’
Paul says, ‘I am not ashamed of the gospel.’  He’s proud of it, actually, this good news about Jesus.  He wants to draw attention to it – ‘Have you heard what Jesus has done?’  And he gives us the reason that he’s proud to know it and show it.  It’s the ‘power of God to save all those who believe.’  There’s power in putting it out there.  Sure, some people will reject it and that will hurt.  But some people will be saved when we stop hiding our good news and share it.
And this good news gets summed up for us in v.17 – there is a righteousness – a ’things being right between you and God’ – that God reveals as He broadcasts this news – ‘It’s just by having faith in Jesus that you receive this rightness with me.  Nothing more or less than that.’
It is time to point to good news.  To know what it is, and to show what it is.  Not to hide it.  Not to be ashamed, but proud, of the good news God gives us to discover and to share.
Who are you hiding it from, if you’re honest?  Who could you tell it to, and how?
For one thing, let me encourage you to get those pictures of crosses up in those windows!  And send your pictures in to encourage the rest of us.  Here’s the McRoberts’, and the Thompsons’ ones:
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