This devotion come from Ken.
Priority living  – Part 1 
Read 2 Peter 1: 2-9
When I was at Primary School, we were introduced to the Westminster Shorter Catechism and encouraged to learn the answers to several of the questions. If you are not familiar with this document then I recommend that you ‘browse’ the history in Wikepedia, but also look at the content on the Westminster Standard Shorter Catechism website. A modern English version can also be found. There are 107 questions – I recall that we learned the answers to a few! 
Many folk are familiar with the first question – What is man’s primary purpose? The response is ‘Man’s primary purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever’. 
As Christians, we are called to primarily and purposefully live in a way that worships and honours God. This is a full-time, daily commitment, a priority as well as a privilege – called in to fellowship and relationship with our maker. 
But we are all too aware of our shortcomings in this same area and we don’t always prioritise or honour God. We sometimes neglect prayer time and Bible reading. In our behaviour we may demonstrate traits of selfishness, pride, greed, quick to criticise or get angry, we give way to temptations, hide aspects of our character that we would rather keep secret; we can be careless with our relationships and perhaps a little dishonest. 
Rom Ch3 v23 tells us ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
These problems are part of our fallen nature and we shall not be fully freed from them until our journey’s end and we reach our true home.
Meantime, living is a balance between theory – head knowledge and the practical application of principles we believe in and know that we are called to follow. Rather than be discouraged though, we should try to grow positively.  In questions two and three of the Catechism we are given clear guidance to read the Bible, in which can be found the designer’s blueprint for living a contented, God-centred life; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. 
Jesus also gave us instructions on our attitudes in His teaching on the mountainside – Matthew 5 v1-16. Essentially he was saying ‘walk this way’. Paul wrote on numerous occasions about practical Christian living – his first letter to the Corinthians is loaded with teaching as well as identification of problems. 
The passage from Peter’s letter today gives overall guidelines or principles that you may wish to think on and how they apply to your own circumstances? 
In part two, we shall look at how we may engage our faith in some practical ways. 
Prayer: Father, my needs are great but you are greater than them all. I reach out to touch you with the hand of faith. Please live out your life through me in my daily walk and my daily talk. Help me face reality in the knowledge that there is nothing to fear when you are near. Amen 
PS. What has happened to the religious knowledge syllabus in the school curriculum?
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