Read 1 Peter 5:6-11
What do you do with your anxiety?  It’s rising up in many of us, like we’re walking around with it all day and can’t get it off our backs.
Here’s what Peter tells us: ‘Cast all your anxiety on God, because He cares for you.’
It’s best not to be too British and stiff upper lip about this.  You know, the way we go ‘No, I’m fine thanks’ when someone offers to carry something for us.  We can’t carry the kind of anxiety nearly all of us are bearing.  The good news is, we have a God who is willing, and offering, to take it on Himself.  We can basically dump all of our anxiety on Him.  The fears about the fast decisions we’re making and whether it’s right or not – that’s on Him.  The fears about whether we or our loved ones are going to be okay – that’s on Him.  The fears about whether there will be enough provision – that’s on Him.
God’s used to carrying things that used to be ours.  Our sins – carried and conquered on a cross.  He is more than capable, and more than willing, to carry all the anxieties that you dump on Him today.
This passage also speaks of a lowness, a humility, that we are being pushed down to under God’s mighty hand.  Peter writes that God will lift us up in due time.  After suffering a little while, we’ll be ‘restored, made strong, firm and steadfast.’  But before all that comes the suffering – suffering in common with all our brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Suffering where we need to learn lowness and humility in position to God.  Firmness of faith, self control and alertness in position against the tempter.  And trust that God’s got us.
Position yourself lowly and humbly.  And dump all your anxieties on God.  And do both these things because you believe that God cares for you.
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