Today’s devotion comes from Louise M.
Read Psalm 16
‘You, Lord, are all I have. You give me all I need. My future is in your hands.’ Psalm 16:5-6, Good News Translation

When I finally picked up my thirty year old Good News Bible (given to me by a Sunday school teacher) and read about Jesus walking up to be crucified in my place, I suddenly, overwhelmingly, understood the truth for the first time. I was a sinner, who didn’t deserve anything but condemnation and punishment.  I had not lived a life honouring to Almighty God. I was so ashamed. To think that out of love for me, Jesus willingly stood in my place to take the pain, humiliation and desolation that I deserved (and he did not), brought me to my knees in tears. Such love cannot be described in words. Neither can my thankfulness that God did not give up on me, but called me to receive that love and forgiveness from him. A new life! 

In a similar way, when I first read Psalm 16:5-6 ‘You, Lord, are all I have. You give me all I need. My future is in your hands’, I was once again stopped in my tracks. Everything I own, have ever owned, my family, my friends, education, job; all the experiences I have had- everything was given to me by my Father God. Yet He owes me nothing and I don’t deserve anything. He can take any or all of it away at any time. What lies ahead of me is not in my hands, but in my all-powerful, good and loving Father’s hands. So I choose to remember this, and be thankful, and it brings me great joy and peace to do so. 

Father God,
Help me to come before you with a humble heart, truly knowing that I am not worthy. Let me feel the depth of love you have for me, that you would send your son to die in my place. Not only have you spared me from your wrath, but you have made me a co-heir with Christ, for eternity. Help me look around at what I have and appreciate that you have given it to me. Let me acknowledge that it is not me who is in control, but you, and help me willingly submit to you with a joyful heart. 
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
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