Today’s devotion comes from Sheena.  And after you’ve read it, I’m going to ask you to act on it!

Read Isaiah 19:19

I see the vision.  When Scott was talking about how we walk a past our monuments and churches without noticing them I started to think about what people are currently noticing as they walk around (because we are all walking around a lot!)

Altars and monuments

At this time of lockdown people are exploring their local area like never before.  There are many people walking and cycling past the end of our gates everyday.

People have put rainbows in their windows and made signs to say the support the NHS. These signs give hope and happiness and a sense of solidarity to those who see them.

My heart cries out that we have signs that are the same for God. We need signs to say ‘God we love you and we trust you’ that say ‘we are supporters of Christ’ That say ‘we are also followers!’ God has given us a symbol of the cross so that when we see it we are reminded of Him.

I now have a cross around my neck, a Rainbow cross in my office and we have a cross on a signpost at our front gate (as well as a rainbow!) So those who pass can see that we also support our NHS and have solidarity with our neighbours. But we also love and trust the Lord our God to hold our hand through this crisis. And after the crisis our cross will remain on our front gate.

Throughout history we seem to have a compulsion to praise God through art – paintings, stain glass windows, beautiful churches. But we can‘t sit in our churches or look at those windows or paintings now.  God has given us all gifts and I really feel that we should be using them for His glory. I’m not a painter but really enjoyed the time spent sitting quietly and painting our cross. There is something about creating something out of a love of Jesus that was special.  I would highly recommend it! Use wood, stone, glass, paint, paper, crayons, wool, thread whatever you feel suits your talent and your vision of God.

I painted a cross and Simon nailed it to our signpost for Easter and it’s staying up and never coming down. We are visual people and signs mean a lot.  I have visions of crosses in every window as well as a rainbow.
Lord I would love to see the rainbows that people have made and put in their windows to have a big colourful triumphant cross right next to it. I would love to walk around Invernessshire and to see joyful crosses in every window! I would love it if the church came together in solidarity in our area to make this happen. Lord you have made us visual people who respond to beauty and symbols and I pray that after a walk counting a hundred crosses in windows after people would come home and pick up the Bible.
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