“Streams” is the name for our all-age interactive family service.  It’s packed with food, fun, streams webconversation and different ways to explore  and respond to the God of the Bible.

Starting off with breakfast together is a chance to build friendships, share any news or get straight to the point and chat about the morning’s “starter question” – after 20 minutes or so we then have the option to break out into our different “streams”

Depending on your age, stage or learning style you can choose from some of the following options:

  • Help your pre-schooler discover more of the God who loves them in a special activity session created just for them!
  • Develop your acting skills and take part in a mini-drama related to the teaching theme
  • Burn off some energy with team games
  • Get creative in the craft corner
  • Explore the passage deeper in a group Bible Study
  • Take a look at the Sunday papers and discuss what God is up to in the world!
  • Chat about some of life’s big (or little!) questions with “Table Talk”
  • Take some time by yourself to reflect on the passage/theme for the morning in our quiet corner.

After this, we gather back together to hear what others have been learning in their stream and to respond to God  by singing some songs of praise to Him.

Why all these different “streams”? – well, we are all created in God’s image but we are all unique and have different stories to tell, different backgrounds and different approaches to life and learning. We hope and pray that at “Streams” that everyone, regardless of background or prior knowledge of the Bible, will be able to find a way that they can learn and connect as they journey towards a relationship with Jesus and come to discover the fullness of life that is found and known in Him.


23rd April || 28th May || 25th June

 23rd October || 27th November ||24th December

10:30am at Drummond School