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Look me in the eye and say that (Luke 22:39-62)

A lot of us struggle with prayer. We pray like we’re picturing the conversation that we want to have with God, instead of just… talking to Him. Listening to Him. In Luke 22:39-46, Jesus prays. He prays like someone who looks God in the eye as He’s doing it. He models how to do it, in the moment that He needed it most.

‘Stick with me, distracted disciples’ (Luke 22:1-6, 20-38)

We live in a world where we ‘need’ likes on social media. Heather went to an internet safety seminar led by one of the teachers at Holm School this week, where she learned that if kids don’t get half a dozen ‘likes’ on a post, it genuinely affects their self esteem. I’m not sure adults are much different. But I’m sure that the church is supposed to be. That we’re a community of people called not to worry about what they think of me, but rather to think about if they are okay.

Lost and Found (Luke 19:1-10)


There are no black sheep to God – just people who have taken up His welcome, and people who haven’t. There is nobody who has left it too late after leaving Jesus behind in childhood. Nobody who has gone too far in the path they’ve walked in life for Jesus to call for them.

The gospel frees us from: Perfectionism (Philippians 3:4b-14)


How many perfectionists does it take to change a lightbulb? Well, only one – but it will take them a very long time. First of all, they’ll notice the lightbulb needs changed. They’ll build it up as a big deal – there is this task to be done that must be done as well as possible.
Maybe they’ll look around for the most efficient type of bulb to replace this one. Then they’ll look around for the best price. Then they’ll buy the new bulb, and go ahead and change it. Whilst they’re up there, they’ll give the light a good dusting, and get the lampshade as straight as they can. Then they’ll evaluate it all. They’ll ponder whether they’ve bought the best bulb that they could have, and also wonder what others think about their bulb-changing performance.