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The courage to stay (Ruth 1)

The Church in the West needs more courage, to be healthy and to grow. So that’s why we’re having this series on courage over May and June. In June, we’ll look at the courage both to stand out and to stand up as Christians. Ken kicked off last week, looking at Joshua and Mark and the courage to go. Today we’ll be looking at the courage to stay from Ruth 1.

Growing Fruit (Galatians 5:16-25)


Growth is a powerful thing. And the New Testament tells us that the Kingdom of God is growing. Jesus said it was like a seed that would grow into a great tree. It has broken into this world now, but so many people hardly notice that the Holy Spirit has sown it. There will come a day, though, when its unstoppable growth topples every earthly kingdom, and the King’s majesty will be seen by all.