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Love Inverness (Nehemiah 1-2:5)


Do you love Inverness?
We’re really blessed with some of the resources we have here for leisure, retail, healthcare and support services. And there’s a generally friendly, hospitable culture here which a lot of us really appreciate. It’s a growing city, with growing churches, too, who are growing in unity, and that’s nice to be part of.
But Inverness is broken.

Sin, forgiveness, love (Luke 7:36-50)

‘Your sins are forgiven…’ How do you react to that? Are you angry or offended just now? Are you feeling guilty? Are you feeling delight and freedom? What’s going on in your head and heart as you hear those words: ‘Your sins are forgiven’? In Luke 7:36-50, Jesus has things to teach us about sin, forgiveness, and love. He shows us that these three things relate together in a way that nobody around Him is really expecting. And I’m desperately concerned we’re not expecting either, in our community or in our church.

Do to others… (Luke 6: 27-49)

A lot of people think that being a Christian is about living a good life. And rightly, we want to challenge that idea – it’s not about being a nice, respectable person. But neither is it just a set of beliefs we have about Jesus that we hold in our hearts and minds. Because morality is at the heart of following Jesus. But it happens to be a radically different morality from anything else in the world. It is a redefined morality. It is an unearthly, uncommon, unreasonable and possibly offensive morality. And it’s all rooted in something that everybody wants and nobody fully understands. Love.