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The TEST of Leadership (1 Timothy 3)

So, in the coming months, we’re going to choose a new Leadership Team. A team that will serve for three years, or until we’re a full status church, whichever comes first. A team who will take us through a £2 million building project for the church community centre at Dores Road; a union with our brothers and sisters at Dores & Boleskine and all of the relationship building involved in that; and the task of bringing us to maturity as a church family in the way we reach out, look out for each other, give, love, serve and pray.

The TEST of Leadership (1 Timothy 3)

As we come to choose a Leadership Team for our church, it would be easy to do that on the basis of what we think makes a good leader. But God has spoken. And He has given us instructions in His Word about what we are to look for in those who are leading people in His family. Let’s make our decisions based on what matters to God here, over and above what matters to us.

Picking a team (Luke 6:12-19)

So what do we learn from Luke 6:12-19 about this team Jesus picked, and the way that He picked them? Well, the first thing is this: everything I’ve just said about the mission they were being set apart for, they discovered along the way. We don’t read of Jesus telling these guys what their mission is in advance. They didn’t get a job description or a brief about what to expect. They just knew that Jesus had called them out as a team and that He was sending them to do something for Him. Little did they know at this point what it was, and little did they expect how world-changing it would be.

The Kids Aren’t Alright- Idols again?

We’re back to talking about idols again. Idols are all those things that we make biggest in our lives. The things we put before God. The things in which we seek identity, security and significance. The things which, as Tim Keller puts it, ‘…control us as we seek them; disappoint us as we find them; and devastate us when we lose them.’