Sermons by Rev. Scott McRoberts

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Let’s all go! (Luke 9:57-10:24)


We’ve been thinking a bit in the last few weeks about Jesus correcting and reshaping our attitudes about what being His disciple is like – and we’re going to have a bit more of it today. As we go through this, we’ll start to unpick how Sean had it wrong, how we might have it wrong, and how Jesus really calls us to be His disciple. We’ll learn from Jesus how to follow. How to tell. And how to rejoice.

Let’s Go! (Luke 9:1-9)

So to be a follower of Jesus is to do more than just receive His rescue mission in this world. It’s to become part of the team who make more followers of Jesus, too. That’s the point of our church, or any church. Just as Jesus and His followers have made Jesus known to us, we will make Him known to our friends, families, colleagues, people we get to know. Just as we’re baptised when we’ve begun being discipled as Jesus’ followers, we’ll baptise people as they begin that discipleship journey, too.

Sowing and growing (Luke 8:1-15)

What is Jesus up to in the world? And why do people all respond to it in such different ways? Those are the two questions we find answered in Luke 8:1-15. First, we’ll look at vv.1-3, where Luke reminds us about what Jesus’ mission was. To ‘proclaim good news’ is to broadcast far and wide, loud and clear, some circumstances that are changing in a really good way. And the great transformation that’s taking place that Jesus wants people to know about is ‘The Kingdom of God.’