Sermons by Rev. Scott McRoberts

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How to feast with God (Luke 14:1-24)


Not everyone is going to live with God, either now or forever. Lots of people go through life without giving this a lot of thought, but they assume that, if there is such a thing as eternal life, God will probably give it to them if He’s the nice sort of guy that ‘more religious’ people think He is. That’s not at all what God has said about it though. So it’s time to listen to what the host of the feast says about who’s coming.

Infant Baptism (6.5 mins)

To ‘baptise’ means to publicly receive God’s gift of belonging to His family, which is made possible only by trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus to make that adoption by God possible. So we baptise the infant children not of all people, but of those whose parents have been adopted by God through their faith in Jesus for two reasons: Because God works not just with individuals, but with families. And because Jesus told us to baptise everyone who is His disciple.