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Not happily ever after (Nehemiah 13)


Nobody likes an anticlimax. Imagine The Greatest Showman finishing with the Big Top tent catching fire too. Or Snow White finishing with the dwarves getting evicted from their house for failing to make the rent. We really like our stories to finish, ‘And they all lived happily ever after.’ But this one doesn’t.

We’re all in (in view of this) Nehemiah 10


‘We, the undersigned, promise to live our lives only the way God tells us to in His Word. When we see something that He tells us to change, we’ll change it without delay. We also promise to give regularly and sacrificially to provide for the worship of God in this place.’
Could you sign that?

Love Inverness (Nehemiah 1-2:5)


Do you love Inverness?
We’re really blessed with some of the resources we have here for leisure, retail, healthcare and support services. And there’s a generally friendly, hospitable culture here which a lot of us really appreciate. It’s a growing city, with growing churches, too, who are growing in unity, and that’s nice to be part of.
But Inverness is broken.