Sermons from May 2016

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The TEST of Leadership (1 Timothy 3)

As we come to choose a Leadership Team for our church, it would be easy to do that on the basis of what we think makes a good leader. But God has spoken. And He has given us instructions in His Word about what we are to look for in those who are leading people in His family. Let’s make our decisions based on what matters to God here, over and above what matters to us.

Authority Figure (Luke 7:1-17)

If you recognise someone as having real authority over you, you recognise that they are able to do things that you can’t. A child asking a parent for a lift. A worker asking their line manager to authorise a large payment. A defendant asking for a judge or jury to acquit them. If you recognise someone as having real authority over you, you accept that it is up to them to decide whether to grant your request or not. What happens when the parent, the line manager, or the judge says, ‘no’? Well, that’s their call. And it is up to the person who recognises their authority to reconcile themselves with that.

Do to others… (Luke 6: 27-49)

A lot of people think that being a Christian is about living a good life. And rightly, we want to challenge that idea – it’s not about being a nice, respectable person. But neither is it just a set of beliefs we have about Jesus that we hold in our hearts and minds. Because morality is at the heart of following Jesus. But it happens to be a radically different morality from anything else in the world. It is a redefined morality. It is an unearthly, uncommon, unreasonable and possibly offensive morality. And it’s all rooted in something that everybody wants and nobody fully understands. Love.