Here’s what Jesus didn’t say He was:Baptism

  • A great moral teacher.
  • The leader of a new religion.
  • An inspirational figure for people to learn from.

Here’s what Jesus did say:

  • ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.  No-one comes to the Father except through me.’
  • ‘I am the resurrection and the life… whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  Do you believe this?’
  • ‘Follow me.’

Our greatest desire for people is that they meet Jesus, who started His world-changing ministry by saying, ‘Follow me’.  Many of us who gather together on Sundays are people who have met Him, who have committed to follow Him, and who strive to do that more fully day by day.  Some of us are just meeting Jesus, thinking through whether to take up that call to ‘follow Him’ or not.

You’re not going to meet Jesus on a website.  But we’d love to point you in the direction of how you can start meeting Him.  We’d love you to come and join with us, as often as you’re able, meeting with Jesus in the times and places where we gather together.   We often host gatherings in people’s homes specifically to explore together who Jesus is and what Christian faith is.  Please come.  You are very welcome.

Weekly Gatherings  

We meet with Jesus as we read the Bible.  That’s the unique place where God reveals to us what He wants everyone to hear loud and clear.  Who God really is.  Who we really are.  It’s an alarm bell that without Jesus, we’re dead.  It’s good news that because Jesus died and rose to life forever; those who ‘follow Him’ will do that through life, through death, and into life forever with Him.

We meet with Jesus as we sing to Him, pray to Him, talk together about Him, and as we live out the commands and promises that we find in the Bible.  That’s all our response to what we’ve heard from God about Him.  God’s Holy Spirit helps us to ‘follow Him’, and to call others to do the same.

We’re convinced that meeting Jesus and saying ‘yes’ to His call to ‘follow me’ is the most life-changing, life-saving, life-completing thing you’ll ever do.  Come and find out if we’re right.