Being married to a “blokey bloke”  (translation: drinks beer, loves football, doesn’t understand “scatter cushions”),  I’m often challenged by the retort of “That’s for girls” when I share my ideas for community engagement or things we might try and introduce at church.

Now my husband loves Jesus  but he doesn’t want to sit and make something that expresses so, nor does he really want to sit and share how that makes him feel!   When it comes to sharing life and seeking God’s kingdom here in our community  – he’s not going to do that by having coffee and cake dates or by anything that dares to have the word “creative” linked to it.  In his world, salmon is a fish, not a colour and stones are for skimming, not for praying with.  But here’s the thing; God has given him ways and means of connecting with others  that I could never even attempt or dream of.  He can get alongside “blokes” in ways that are just not possible for me – and that is the beauty God’s methods!  Each of us has unique personalities, our own outlooks and things that make us “tick” that can be  really powerful tools for mission.

So while we’re on this journey as a church of engaging with our neighbours and communities through LOVE, PRAY, SERVE – let’s do it in ways that are fitting to who we are: Use your personality, use your art,  your creativity,  your barbeque,  your football,  your home, your dartboard, whatever is at your fingertips, use it all for God’s kingdom!


Christian Vision for Men have some great articles and resources for equipping ordinary guys to reach ordinary guys – have a look at their website


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