After the fourth Sunday of each month it is community week at St. Columba!  That doesn’t mean that we don’t look out for our community at any other time in the month, but does mean that we can mark out this time as a point in our calendars when we are intentional about sharing life with our neighbours and community.  We all have varying amounts of time but here’s some ideas to get you started that hopefully you can use not just this community week but for many ahead too!

 If you have other ideas or things that you have tried that work well then please send them by email and we can add them to the list!


Not much time:

  • Invite a neighbour in for coffee
  • Hold doors open for people – and smile!
  • Engage with the cashier at the local shop/supermarket
  • Compliment people
  • Pray for your neighbours – ask them if there’s anything they want prayer for
  • Give away a “Try Praying” booklet
  • Use your facebook/social media to share church/faith news
  • Email/write to your MP or councillors to thank them for representing you and let them know you are praying for them
  • Take your neighbours bin in
  • Join Streetbank
  • Pass on a book you consider worth reading
  • Invite someone to church

A little more time:

  • Invite neighbours/colleagues for dinner/takeway
  • Invite neighbours in for drinks/go out for drinks
  • Call on an elderly neighbour – take them a small gift such as baking, flowers, ask if there’s anything they need help with
  • Washing your car/cutting your grass/going to the tip?  Can you offer to do the same for your neighbour?
  • Arrange a social night in – Murder mystery, games night, movie night, pamper night – or just a sit and chat night!
  • Arrage a social night out – meal, bowling, theatre, cinema
  • Take a prayer walk, pray for the people you see as you go
  • Attend your local community council meeting
  • If appropriate, offer to babysit for neighbours so they can get some time together
  • Going for a day-trip somewhere?  Invite a neighbour along too

Commited amount of time:

  • Organise a  BBQ/Lunch/Picnic for your street
  • Sign up to local volunteering opportunities
  • Join your community council as an ongoing commitment
  • Arrange 5-a-side football team, a golf day or other sporting event
  • Ask your local primary school if they need assistance with classroom readers/photocopying or collating
  • Organise a car treasure hunt and finish off with a social gathering
  • Arrange a camping weekend – Got neighbours who enjoy that type of thing? – invite them too!
  • Arrange a neighbourhood coffee morning or jumble sale





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