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ACTOR – a helpful guide for praying

by Community

ACTOR A = Adore:  What are some of the things about God that make Him great in your eyes? Tell Him C = Confess:  What mistakes have you made that you want to spill out to your Heavenly Dad who wants to forgive you? T = Thanks:  What has been good in your life this […]

Sabbatical Week

by Community

This week is Sabbatical Week.  In our Church calendar we tend to follow a monthly rhythm alternating our Lifegroup meetings with prayer groups and community week.  When there’s a fifth Sunday in the month, it becomes an extra week in the church calendar and at St. Columba we’ve chosen to set it aside as a […]

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

by admin

What are the things/where are the places/what are the times that temptation has the strongest hold on you? Name them before God.  Be upfront with Him.  Ask Him to steer you way from the things you can avoid, and give you a way out from the things that you can’t. Let go before God of […]

Give us this day our daily bread…

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What physical needs are you lacking today? Food?       Water?         Health? Money?      Shelter?      Rest?   What spiritual needs are you lacking today? Reading God’s Word?        Prayer?   Ask God to provide the tings that he knows you need.  Be bold, but also […]

Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…

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Pray that we in our church might know more of what God’s will is – from understanding the Bible better, and from following the lead of God’s Spirit. Pray not only that we’d know God’s will, but that we’d do God’s will. God’s will is simply done in Heaven, without question, doubt or rebellion – […]

Your Kingdom come….

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Pray for the gospel to gain new territory in this world.  Pray for nations like China and Guatemala, where God’s Kingdom is spreading like wildfire across the land – pray for more. Pray that more knees will bow to Jesus as King, and more people would put their lives and allegiance in His hands. Pray […]

Hallowed be your name….

by admin

Pray for some of the people you know who do not yet treat our God’s name as holy.  Pray for the day to come soon that they will call Him holy too. Pray for yourself, that you will rever God’s name and honour Him as an ambassador for Him in this world. Pray that our […]

Our Father, who is in Heaven…

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Dwell on the word “Father” and what that relationship with this person you are praying to means for how you will speak to Him. Dwell on the word “Heaven” and how this Father is different to any other fathers you have known on Earth. Ask God to help you trust Him as a Dad who […]