A church ought to be a community where people are growing in knowing and loving Jesus Christ, growing in knowing and loving one another, and growing in making Jesus known to the communities around them.  There comes a point in many people’s lives where they know and believe that, and they want to commit to living that out.

That’s where baptism and membership comes in.

If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that ‘Jesus is Lord’ (Rom.10:9), and you want to live that out in a life with our church family, then:

Are you baptised?

Are you a member?

What does it mean to take these steps, and how do you go about them?

We’re having some Sunday evenings together after the October school holidays to discuss that:

Sundays 20th Oct, 27th Oct, and 3rd Nov; 7.30-9.00pm;  – please contact us for venue details

These evenings are especially for those of you who have asked me about getting baptised or becoming members – but they are not limited to just them.  Anyone who wants to talk more about baptism and membership is welcome; whether you’re baptised or not, a member already or not – these evenings are for us to talk together about what these things mean.

If you would like to come to these evenings, please email Scott so we know what numbers we can expect.

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