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November Bible Devotion – Week 3

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This week’s devotion comes from Julie F. Read Romans 12:9-13 Getting my home ready has partly been about starting the process to become a foster carer. It’s been about making the offer of my spare room and car to an acquaintance who desperately needed a few days away from the community where she lives and […]

November Bible Devotion – Week 2

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Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 I find you have to be deliberate about remembering. It doesn’t just happen. If I don’t write it down, it’ll go out of my head. Sometimes, I don’t have a pen to hand, or my phone to type in a quick note. Then I have to do something. An action that […]

November Bible Devotion – Week 1

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Read Luke 24:13-35 The Emmaus Road was a long walk. Shoulders hunched, head down, a disillusioned couple walking the miles heavy with sorrow and grieving for their dashed hopes. Their world had changed in a weekend. The triumphant joy of their journey with Jesus – it had felt like it was always growing, always getting […]