We are a church – a group of people growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ, and in our relationships with each other.  We are people with a variety of ages, backgrounds, walks of life and choices of wardrobe.  Discovering the love and truth of the Son of God as we meet Jesus is at the core of who we are.  Part of that involves time to chat together, before, during and after our gatherings as we meet together.

St Columba Logo

The four blue blocks in our logo represent stones.  In the Bible in 1 Peter 2:5 we find one of the disciples of Jesus writing to the early churches telling them that they are “living stones, which are being built into a spiritual house.”  As “living stones” in St. Columba we are being built together into something alive, organic and enduring; somewhere that as a living “building” provides a place of shelter, where God is present.

In the logo no two stones are the same shape or colour.  Neither are we all the same.  We all have our different stories, the factors in our lives that have shaped us to be the way we are, many of us still with our rough edges!  And just as in our logo, at the centre of all we seek to do and be is the cross of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is for people discovering and sharing that life in Jesus is infinitely fuller.

Our church is a community of men, women and children who are:

  • Growing in knowing and loving the God of the Bible – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Growing in knowing and loving one another as Jesus’ followers
  • Growing in making God’s truth known and God’s love shown to those who do not yet follow JesusWe foster all of these growing relationships according to God’s Word; depending upon our Father God; receiving and believing His promises in His Son Jesus Christ; and obeying His commands in the power of His Holy Spirit.

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